WSC Speech Contest 2018

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Tracey Jackson - 'Are You a Genius?'

Our children are geniuses - and then they go into education …
An informative speech showing how you can benchmark yourself by using a simple paperclip and looking at how imagination can play a role in encouraging children to become leaders.

Did you know that you are genius (or a 5-year old!) if you can think of 200 different things to do with a paperclip?

So why do our children lose the ability to be geniuses? Tracey put it down to our current education system with it's regimented learning, league tables and conformity; she reminded us that countries such as Finland and Germany don't start teaching until 7 and start examinations at 18! By displaying a recorder Tracey urged that music is the solution by helping the brain go into overdrive.

Tracey finished by quoting Einstein: 'The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination'.